What is IP address? How to check my IP address?

Friends you must have heard about IP address, now what is IP address, why do you need it, what are its types and how do you find your IP address. So keep reading this article you will get to know all these things in very easy language.

If you search on the internet about IP addresses, then you will get to see a lot of results, but in those results, everything is written in such a technical language that you do not understand anything but here you will be taught everything in very easy language.

What is IP address and why do you need an IP address

what is my IP Address

First, let’s know what is IP stands for, in IP address. Here, IP means Internet Protocol.

As suggested by its name you must have come to know that the matter is related to the address. Now, whose address is this? Let’s understand it. Whenever you connect your computer or mobile phone to the internet then a special code is allotted to your device, which shows your location and network. This code is called an IP address.

In other words, in order to communicate with other computers, a computer needs the address of another computer. It’s like your home address if someone wants to send you a letter then he should know about your home address without the address the letter cannot be delivered to you. Similarly, a computer (or a device that uses the internet) needs an address, using which other computers can communicate with your computer (send or receive data) that address in internet term is called IP address.  

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Types of IP version address.

There are total 15 IP versions but here we will talk about only two i.e. IPv4 and IPv6  

IPv 4

IPv 4 is a 32 bit addressing system divided into 4 sections (Octet) of 08 bit each. Each section has a value of 0 to 255. Each section (Octet) is separated by Dots(.). Example of IPv 4 would be It has four classes:-

Class A – to

Class B – to

Class C – to

Class D – 224 to 239 (normally used in multitasking)

Class E – 240 to 255 (normally used in research)

IPv4 means version 4. It can only generate 4 billion IP addresses after that they will start repeating. If we talk about unique IP address then it can generate only 4,294,967,296.

No of IP addresses in IPv4   232 = 4,294,967,296

Back in those days, when it was created, no one know that the internet would grow so much that every person would have five to six internet using gadgets like laptop, mobile, iPod, tablet, etc and we would need so many IP addresses and since IPv4 has a limited IP address (approx. 4 billion address) hence a new system was developed which is called IPv6.


IPv6 was officially launched in 2012. It is a 128-bit addressing system divided into 8 sections of 16 bit each. Each section has a value of 1 to 9 and then A to F. Example of IPv6 would be 2001:0db7:45a3:0000:0000:8a2e:0370:7334, As seen in the example it is separated by colons(:). It is a classless version.

No of IP addresses in IPv6  2128 = 340,282,366,920,938,463,463………..

Nevertheless, the sad thing is that even today we do not use IPv4 instead of IPv6 because in order to use IPv6, your ISP, Modem, router and website all of these must be compatible with IPv6.

Now after reading all these, a question must be popping in your mind i.e. what is my IP address?

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How to Check my IP Address

Steps to check your computer IP address

1. Go to Network and Internet settings.

2. Click Status.

3. Check your Network Property.

4. Done.

Through command prompt

1. Go to your command prompt.

2. Type ipconfig

know your IP address

3. Done.

Can I hide my IP Address?


Yes, you can do it. It is very easy by using VPN (Virtual Private Network) for example you live in a country where a particular website is blocked then you cannot get access to that website from your country because your ISP will not allow it.

But if you use VPN, then you connect to another network whose location is in another country. Then your ISP thinks that you are connecting to that country’s network and the request to access that website goes from that country’s network not from your actual country and in this way you get easy access to that website without knowing it to your ISP.

However, it does not mean that by using a VPN you can escape the police after committing a crime on the internet. Because backtracking is also possible in that case. 

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