What is Amoled Display ? [Amoled vs LCD vs Retina]

Friends, whenever we choose a smartphone we always think about its processor, camera, battery life but we always forgot about its screen. Screen is the most important component in the mobile phone to which we interact most of the time. But nowadays technology is so advanced that we do not understand what is IPS LCD, what is TFT LCD, What is amoled display and what is super AMOLED display. This article will help you to choose the best screen quality for you and will tell you about What is Amoled display.

To select a smartphone screen we have to keep in mind two main things. First, the size of the screen, which we select according to our choice, whether we want big screen mobile or a small screen mobile, it’s totally our choice. Second, Pixel per inch /PPI

This article will tell about which display is good and which is not good.  

Let’s start from LCD or Liquid Crystal Display


This screen technology we are using for so many years. There was a time when we used CRT (Cathode Ray Tube) monitors, then the LCD monitors took their place since then we used to know about LCD. LCD stands for Liquid Crystal Display. Smartphones use LCD with a little advancement like TFT LCD, IPS LCD, SIPS LCD, Super LCD, etc. 

(a) What is Twisted Nematic Panel ?

This type of panel is used under computer monitors and 4 to 5 years ago in cheap smartphones. It is a very bad quality panel and it is very thick, it’s power consumption is very high and has very bad viewing angles. So at this time, don’t by this type of screen panel. 

(b) What is TFT LCD or Thin Film Transistor LCD?

This technology has some improvement over Twisted Nematic Panel but still, it is not so worthy. Its contrast is not so good, colors are not punchy, bad viewing angles, high power consumption, and everything seem dull. 

(c) What is IPS LCD or In Plane Switching LCD?

IPS is the best LCD screen technology. It is the best because of three reasons. First, it’s color reproduction. The colors shown in IPS Display are very accurate except the black color which seems greyish sometimes but all the other colors are very real like “true to life”. Second, better viewing angles even at 170 degrees. Third, it is very slim and its screen is joined with a digitizer, it is like you are touching the real screen, not like the other screen where you feel a gap between your finger and the screen. These are the three reasons which make an IPS display the best display in LCD technology. 

(d) What is Super LCD?

It is a little better LCD than the TFT LCD but not as good as IPS LCD. HTC phones like One M7, One M8 uses Super LCD. 

2. What is Amoled Display?

In the LCD screen, there is a need to put a backlight behind the screen so that we can see the display. It means if you are watching a black color, white color or any other color the backlight behind the screen is continuously lighting because of which its power consumption is high. But in AMOLED, each pixel in the screen is made LED, it means only those pixels which are working, are consuming power. In AMOLED display, there is no need to put a backlight behind the screen. It has two main advantages. First, the quality of the black color shown in the AMOLED display is very good and very dark. Second, it has a good contrast ratio.




Best colors for eyes.Accurate colors.
More brightLess bright
Less bright at sunlightMore bright at sunlight
Low power consumptionHigh power consumption
SlimThick in comparison to AMOLED

Nowadays the debate about color accuracy is over because now you have an option in your mobiles to choose color temperature and color accuracy. Both the technologies are best in their fields, whether we choose an IPS or an AMOLED we get a good screen panel.

Now let’s talk about a special display technology to which Apple named it “Retina Display”.

4. What is Retina Display and What is Super Retina Display? Are they better than Amoled Display? 

retina display
what is AMOLED display? AMOLED vs retina display

It was a marketing term used by Apple and everybody was talking about “Apple is using the Retina Display which is the best display in the market.” Learn about Retina Display built into your Mac. In reality, it is just an IPS LCD screen that had the highest density pixels (first time used in iPhone 4S) ie 326 pixels. Even at this time iPhone 8 is using 326 pixels and iPhone XS Max is using Super Retina Display ie 455 pixels. But other flagship mobiles like Oneplus 7t are using 515 pixel density which is higher than the Apple mobiles.

It means, nowadays, every phone which is using pixel density more than 320 and 455 has a Retina Display and Super Retina Display respectively. If Apple used a term it doesn’t mean that only Apple is using it. So, please don’t confuse that Super Retina Display is the best technology and others are not so good. It is just an IPS display.

Verdict : LCD vs Amoled vs Retina Display

I hope this article will help you to choose whether you want an IPS display or and AMOLED display. You can choose whichever you like, both are very good in their fields. I just want to suggest, don’t buy a TFT LCD.

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