What is KaiOS App store? Is KaiOS better than iOS?

KaiOS app store is a store from where a KaiOS powered phone can download apps, just like Google Play Store is Android’s app store. To understand what KaiOS store is we have to first understand what is KaiOS.

For a long time Android and iOS have been dominating the mobile operating system market, however, recently a third contender it’s called KaiOS entered in the market and defeated iOS to become India’s second most famous mobile operating system after Android. But it doesn’t mean that KaiOS is better than iOS or Android. KaiOS is just a light operating system for smart feature phones like Jio Phones and Nokia 8110 and you know very well that these features phone can never be better than iOS and Android-powered phones.

Actually KaiOS is made for some low price and keypad phones (non-touch phones) because of which these low price phones or feature phones can be used as a smartphone. It means KaiOS makes a normal keypad phone a bit like a smartphone.

Features of KaiOS

KaiOS app store has many apps like google app store like WhatsApp, YouTube, Google Maps, etc. It means, compared to standard feature phones, you can do a little bit of work in KaiOS phones. Because of KaiOS Store, one can easily enjoy smartphone apps in KaiOS phones at a very low cost.

KaiOS phones have also taken full care of connectivity, you will get features like Wi-Fi, NFC, Bluetooth, 4G LTE E, VolTE and GPS in KaiOS phones. Its main advantage over normal keypad or feature phone is that it has HTML 5 based apps.

HTML 5 gives flexibility to the developers to build apps for KaiOS app store without much system requirements. KaiOS app can work even at 256 MB of RAM. KaiOS does not require much power to run. There are various games available at the KaiOS app store. These are the KaiOS strengths which makes it quite popular.

Even today there are some people who are not comfortable to use smartphones, maybe because of its cost or maybe because they are too old to use or maybe because they are not comfortable to use touchscreen phones. The reason can be anything. But all these requirements go in the favor of KaiOS phones.

Google and Facebook were actively involved to increase their user base through KaiOS powered phones. If a person had not used Facebook and Google earlier because he used a normal featured phone but after the arrival of KaiOS phones he can use google and Facebook through the KaiOS app store. This was the reason that Google invested US$22 million in this operating system.

 What are the Apps available in KaiOS App Store?


KaiOS provides many apps through its KaiOS app store, some of which are as follows:-

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • Google Maps
  • 123 fruit smash
  • Acrade Car
  • 3d motor race
  • Angry chicken
  • Astro knot
  • Classic Dino run

and many mores (to check more apps on KaiOS app store click here)

What Phones Runs KaiOS?

Following are the list of some phones which have KaiOS and through which you can enjoy KaiOS apps.

  • Jio Phone
  • Nokia 8110
  • Nokia 800 tough
  • Alcatel Go Flip

The most famous phone of the Kai Operating System is Reliance Jio phone which is very popular in India. Jio is currently planning to launch WhatsApp a popular messaging app for Jio phone 2. Currently, WhatsApp does not run in Jio phones.

Does Jio Phone have KaiOS Store?


Well the answer to the question is “No” because Jio Phones have their own Jio Store instead of Kai Store. KaiOS is just an operating system that was given to some phone manufacturing company and a phone manufacturing company can add or remove some features in it and can create their own store as Reliance Jio did.

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