How to Download Ringtone from Zedge? [Is it Safe?]

Do you want to download ringtone from Zedge application for your mobile phone or you don’t know how to download it? No problem, you are not the only one who does not know how to download free ringtone for mobile or how to download free wallpapers, live wallpapers, ringtones, notification ringtones for mobile. Every day millions of searches are done on the internet to download free ringtone and wallpapers. But, do they get their right answer?

Today, you have come to the right place in search of all these free stuff because today I am going to tell you about an application from where you can not only free download ringtones for mobile but can also free download wallpapers and notification tone.

Whenever someone calls on your phone, at that time the tone you hear on your incoming call is called Ringtone. Back in those days when we used to use the landline phone, their ringtone was very boring. We had the option to change it, but the ringtone was very limited. After that, the era of mobiles started and in that era, we could use the ringtone of our choice. Since then, we are using our favorite ringtone in our mobiles.

What is Zedge?

Zedge is an android application from where you can download ringtone and wallpapers. Yes, you read absolutely right. You can download both ringtones and wallpapers from the same application. Isn’t it amazing?. Zedge application has specially developed for those people who want to download free wallpapers, video wallpaper, ringtone and notification ringtone for their mobile from a single application.

Zedge has a rating of 4.5 in Google Play Store

Here you can download free 4k wallpapers for mobile and all types of free ringtones for mobile whether it is a Hollywood song ringtone or a new Bollywood song ringtone or funny or any other type Iike download ringtone for mobile, download ringtone by name, download ringtone for Punjabi song. In this application, you also get very funny and interesting notification tones.

Zedge even have alarm tones. Most of the people have been using this app for several years and this application is always up to date with the newest ringtones, plus it also has the old ones for old school folks. Give it a try, you won’t be disappointed. There is something for everyone.

This app is very cool. There are tons of wallpapers and ringtones to choose from. You can look at wallpaper and slide it to the right to get similar ones.

Why you download from Zedge? Is it Safe?

Yes, it is an absolutely safe application. It is of very small size, only 20 MB. One can easily spend this much of MB to get this amazing application. There is no need to download different applications for wallpapers and ringtones. It has a wide variety of ringtones and wallpapers. In this application, you can also customize the wallpaper according to your choice.

This application has some minor flaws like its annoying advertisement and sometimes its server does not respond. But that’s ok, these are not beyond its features.

Let’s see how to use and download ringtone from Zedge.


In order to download ringtone from Zedge, first, you have to download the application in your mobile by clicking here. This link is only tor android mobile users. (Link is safe. However, if you don’t want to download the application from this link then you can just go to your mobile play store and search the app by its name Zedge. Now Just open the app, click the menu present on the upper left corner, and then select what you want to download ringtone or tone.

In order to customize the wallpaper just select the wallpaper and open it and then click customize. A Customize menu will appear, now customize your wallpaper according to your choice and click done and set it on your mobile.

Download ringtone from Zedge Premium section.


A premium section is also available in this application where you find different types of premium wallpapers, video wallpapers, ringtone, and notification tone. However, I recommend not paying for this. Again, this is my personal recommendation, It is up to you whether to pay for it or not..i

You can download some premium wallpaper and ringtone by watching an advertisement. Just click the premium stuff and watch the advertisement. After watching the complete advertisement you will be able to download that stuff.

Some of the free interesting ringtones available in Zedge are

PUBG: Kar98K,




Pi Pi Pi



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  1. This so amazing, I must say that I enjoyed every bit of the write up you made on this article that I have gone through on your website. Have you been searching for platforms where you can download live wallpapers from to be used on your mobiles but have not found any yet? I want to try
    Zedge, it is a free platform where you can wallpaper and also ringtones to be used in your mobile device.

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