Dark Mode Chrome : Shortest Way to Enable

Do your eyes get strain while surfing the internet at night or do you want to see Google Chrome in a new look? If your answer is yes then it is time to experience dark mode chrome or enable dark mode in google chrome.

In case you don’t know about dark mode and why you need to use dark mode in chrome than please have a quick look below.

What is Dark Mode?

Dark Mode is a mode where the screen is changed in such a way that the white portion of the screen becomes black or dark and the text becomes white so your eyes will be less stressed because the screen will match the rest of the dark environment. 

Why It is Becoming Compulsory?

Friends, if we talk about displays, then there are displays all around us whether it is a laptop or computer or TV or mobile phone, we spend the whole day with eyes on the screen and if we talk about screen, it is very bright in today’s date. 

It is all ok, but the problem comes when we use these phones or computers screen in the dark environment. It is getting night and we are sitting in our bed and using our phone or laptop, at that time the display that shows us very good & bright colors during the day but does not work in our favor at night. 

If you constantly use it in a dark environment like watching TV, using a laptop or mobile then you feel some strain in your eyes. It doesn’t mean that your eyes be weak but you will feel some strain in your eyes. 

The problem here is that the environment around you is quite dark compared to your phone, which is emitting very bright light towards you, so in your eyes, you will feel some strain. 

Mostly we sit with our mobile or laptop at night and think that we work for 10 minutes but do not know when it turns 10 minutes into half an hour or 01 hour. Many people have a habit that they use the internet for many hours at night. 

Here problem is that when you are using Google Chrome where majority content is white which means more brightness and more emphasis on your eye. Here comes the Dark Mode that helps us out to solve this problem. 

Another advantage of Dark mode is that it consumes less battery on the phone. 

Do It Save Battery on all Phones?

If I talk about battery life in the mobile phone then the answer is yes it saves the mobile battery.

If your screen has OLED AMOLED screen, which means that the black portion is more battery saving because here the pixels will not light up and in this case battery consumption will be very less (if you want to know why black pixels consume less battery in AMOLED or OLED screen then click here).

It saves battery to some extent even in the IPS display, it will not able to save much, but you will definitely get its advantage.

Here I recommend using dark mode in Google Chrome. Dark mode chrome seems very cool and you can use it at night without much strain in your eyes. 

Google chrome has a dark mode for computers/laptops and mobile phones.

How to Enable Dark Mode in Chrome for Android

1. Open Chrome in your android device and click the menu at the top right.

dark mode chrome















2. Open Setting and then click themes.

3. Now select the Dark theme.

But wait, you don’t have the option of Dark theme. No problem, just see the steps below and bring the Dark Mode theme option.

1. Search chrome://flags/ in chrome address bar. 















2. Search Dark Mode.

3. Now you will get two options

First: Android web contents dark mode

Second: Android Chrome UI dark mode

Enable Dark mode in chrome















4. Enable both the options 

5. Click Relaunch Now.

Now dark theme has applied on your Chrome.

*If you still didn’t get the dark theme option in your chrome setting then follow the steps below

6. Go to App info and Force stop, the Chrome application.

7. Remove Chrome from recent applications.

Now you will definitely get the dark theme option in your chrome setting.

How to Enable Dark Mode in Chrome for Windows 10

There are two methods for enabling dark mode in google chrome

Through Operating System

1. Right-click and go to personalize.

2. Go to Colors and select Dark Mode in Choose your default app mode.

Through Extension

If you just want chrome in dark mode, not everything else, then follow the below steps

1. Go to Chrome Web Store and Search Dark theme for chrome

2. Click Add to Chrome and then click Add extension.

dark theme extension


3. Relaunch Chrome.

4. Now you will see the icon in the extension area.

5. Click the icon to switch between dark mode and light mode. 

Extension for dark mode in windows

How to Enable Dark Mode in Chrome for Mac

1. Go to system preference than click General.

2. Click appearance at the top of General Preference.

3. Click Dark.

to use dark mode on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod, or iPod touch click here

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